Try Some Love

Scott Austin

A fresh recording for the heart strings. Here is a song I wrote some time ago. My friend and producer for the track, Tyler Fortier and I have been piecing this tune together over time in no particular hurry. I love how it came together. I had additional help from some stellar musicians. Thank you for listening and sharing!
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  1. Try Some Love

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Scott Austin

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Spire Mountain Cellars, 774 Hidden Meadows Ln, Oakland, OR 97462

I am excited for my first appearance at Spire Mountain Cellars! If you are near Oakland Oregon or you are hankering for a Sunday Funday road trip, I would love to see you there! For the wine tasting enthusiasts that appreciate unique and welcoming spaces to make good memories, consider this a new destination location. This also happens to be Mothers Day. Let's raise a glass to the Moms and the Mom figures in our lives or in our hearts. Grab a loved one and let's make it a great day at Spire Mountain Cellars! n